What Courses does Emergency First Response Offer?

The options are diverse and many.

The Emergency First Response (EFR) courses encompass diverse training skills. In a range of sections, the Emergency First Response covers adult, child and infant CPR. First aid skills in the Secondary care section is part of each course, and skill practice is key here.  Training in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Emergency Oxygen is available to our students. This is an excellent add-on to your training here on Gozo, AED life-saving machines are available around the island. Emergency First Response offers comprehensive First Aid at Work courses, designed to meet national and international compliance standards for CPR and first aid courses in your workplace.

Flexible and easy to schedule;

To accommodate training needs, the Emergency First Response is very flexible. The design of these courses allows us to schedule and train these courses as a stand-alone or in any combination of courses.

Encourage layperson willingness to help;

The Emergency First Response courses can apply to every day and every area of life. Participants learn and practice the same patient care techniques and principles used by medical professionals, but at a layperson level for better understanding. The goal throughout these courses is to help build layperson rescue confidence, provide participants with medical emergency skills and awareness.

The Emergency First Response and the PADI Rescue course;

The PADI Rescue course requires a participant to complete an Emergency First Aid and CPR course before Rescue certification. Here, both the Emergency First Response and CPR courses meet the training requirements for the PADI Rescue course and all professional-level ratings. 

We offer the full range of Emergency First Response courses to help you become a confident layperson emergency first responder. Join us now or email here for more information. 

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A very important section, the Emergency Oxygen Provider course. For more information, please Click here