SO, You want to become a Padi Diving Instructor too?

First and foremost, congratulations to our IDC candidates who passed through the IE in September 2017,

which took place in Marsalforn, Gozo. Well done guys, all your hard work paid off and we wish you all the best in the PADI Instructor world.

Diving Instructors come from all walks of life.  If you listen to PADI Instructors telling their stories of their pathways into Instructor life, you will be amazed to hear “I didn’t plan to do this, it just happened” or, “got fed up with the same routine and wanted to do something else”. These are common phrases, often heard in the Instructor diving community.

Not every Instructor chose the career pathway to become a diving instructor as first option, many drifted into the Instructor life by searching for that ‘something different, that freedom’ that we all crave. Often boredom and constant routine demotivates people, they become fed up with the nine to five work place and dream about a lifestyle change. Ever caught yourself thinking out loud “I wish I could just go diving ”

We, PADI Instructors certainly have a life style that we enjoy, things change daily and the scenery changes every time you enter the water. People we meet come from far and wide and we love to share the passion of diving with everyone who wishes to join us. It is not always easy to explain this to family and friends, when you decide to take that BIG step and do your IDC to become a PADI Instructor. Often, you will hear “what, that is not a proper job” or, “what about the Uni-degree or your job that you have had for years”?

To be truthfull:  there are many people out there doing their career thing and hate every minute of it, or being in employment without fulfilment. But the pay check at the end of the month justifies them tolerating the unenjoyable workload. Many of us have been there, and have decided that the secret to a happy life is to do what you love doing most and finding a way how to get paid for it!


The reality: the scuba diving world is not always as glamorous as you see it when you are on holiday, at some resort or liveaboard base.

In the high season, Instructors spend time not just in the water teaching, they have other commitments such as the sales department, talking to clients, organising schedules as well as repairs and maintenance. Usually Instructors work 6 days a week, occasionally it can be seven days if things are hectic and busy, especially in the high season. Public holidays are the busiest time of a scuba diving centre, when your clients are off work, you are full on.

As said above, there are ups and downs to all careers, but the opportunity to travel the world, do something that you are passionate about, teach and dive till your hearts content is a life style that we all love and enjoy. Communication skills are vital in the scuba diving world, as well as punctuality and being a team player.  As an Instructor, you have a high degree of responsibility, both for your clients and your fellow divers.  This responsibility is to be taken very seriously as a professional and should never be taken lightly, people will put their trust in you, to teach them, have fun and bring them back to shore safely.


To become a PADI Instructor first you need to be a certified diver and work your way up the ladder to the minimum level of Divemaster status, with 60 logged dives. After you have achieved your Divemaster rating, you will be able to work towards your Instructor Development Course (IDC). The other option is to work as an Intern on an Internship Program from Open Water Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver level onwards, up to the Divemaster Certification rating.  Internships can be fun and enjoyable, also it gives you a huge insight into how a dive centre operates behind the scenes.

After enrolling and successfully completing a PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course), which is a 10-day course, you will be eligible to apply to take your PADI Instructor Exam (IE), this takes place at the end of the IDC.

After successfully completing your IE, the training continues. You can progress and continue your education in more advanced courses, learn to teach different PADI Specialties and Equipment Servicing courses.  All these are beneficial to your employer and an educated diving Instructor who is in continuous training is a good diver and a good instructor………I have never regretted changing my career, if you do not wish to do it full time, part time Instructors are also welcome.

Our next IDC is scheduled for the 31st October 2017, last day of enrollment is 30th October 2017. Following that,  The IE (Instructor Examination) is held on the 10th– 11th November 2017 on MALTA.

If you are interested and would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me under: