Have you tried an Ocean Reef Full Face Mask?

A colleague came up to me and asked  “why do you dive with an Ocean Reef Full Face Mask? ” I remember, my answer was “why note?”

The human race

is often reluctant to change, and think nothing else exists other than that what we are use to. Often with our conservative thoughts we can loose sight of the advantages that can, and will improve our diving activities. Lets keep an open mind and take a look at the advantages of diving with an Ocean Reef Full Face Mask. They are known as Integrated Diving Masks (IDM’s)

Standard and Full Face Masks:

Wearing a conventional mask, and breathing through your mouth is standard practice. Here we hold a regulator in our mouths, using our teeth and lips to prevent it from falling out. The area of our face, not covered by the mask is exposed to the water we are immersed in. These tools are usually the first means and rules to get someone underwater. But, let us see what other alternatives are available? 

The Ocean Reef Full Face Mask:

is maybe more natural to us than we think. Breathing through your nose is a natural way of breathing for most people. Protecting yourself from the cold is another thing we care about. That is the reason we wear an exposure suit, so why not protect your face? This is a very delicate part of your body too.

Communication is also another reason, not only for safety, but for practical reasons too. Communication by word of mouth is not possible underwater, but being able to communicate underwater can help others feel comfortable and more secure. Beginners often suffer jaw fatigue and facial muscle cramps. Some  people even give up diving for this reason. Fear of loosing the regulator can cause clenched teeth and anxiety among beginner divers.

Wearing a Full Face Mask allows you to breath naturally through your nose. You have nothing to hold between your teeth, and you can communicate underwater if you wish.

Visually it looks complicated to use, but actually it is not. As in conventional diving, with a regulator and mask, diving skills have to be learnt and mastered.

In the case of the Integrated Ocean Reef Mask, it will not flood. This is due to the balance between the internal and external pressure. In an out-of-air situation, there are skills which are to be learnt that enables you to switch to your alternative air source and conventional mask.

Diving with an Ocean Reef Integrated Full Face Mask is very comfortable and gives you a great field of vision. It opens up many opportunities for a different feel in diver comfort, warmth and freedom to breath through your nose, which comes natural to most people.

DiveSMART Gozo  is now offering Ocean Reef Full Face Mask courses.

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