The Newly Revised PADI IDC Part II

For All PADI Pro’s

Knowledge Development Presentations – New Revised IDC Course

The Knowledge Development Presentations are still quite similar to the old form. However, PADI simplified and streamlined some parts like the Lesson Plan form. This makes it much easier for IDC Candidates to work with.

PADI now recommends IDC Candidates use Digital teaching and learning tools. Above all, digital training aids help candidates in their IDC Knowledge Development Presentations. This is a good idea, we teach more and more digital tools in the present-day classroom.

Along with the Lesson Plan form, the Knowledge Development Evaluation scoring sheet for Course Directors has gone through a revision. It is much easier and quicker to use.

Updated PADI’s Guide to Teaching

The Guide to Teaching 2019 has gone through an update. Therefore, it is easier to use and navigate than before. IDC Candidates and certified Diving Instructors will find this update highly beneficial. For instance, it will save a lot of time on the PADI IE during the Standards Exam too. This incredible tool is more accessible and user-friendly for working PADI Diving Instructors. The PADI’s Guide to Teaching is accessible through the New Digital IDC Crewpack or Download it, in PDF form to make it even more easy to access even if you are offline.

PADI’s IDC Training Videos – New Revised IDC Course

In the New Revised PADI IDC Course, PADI introduces IDC Training videos that PADI Course Directors can access in their Digital Instructor Development Materials Crewpack.

There are many different IDC training videos that cover topics like:

  • Online Processing Center Tutorial – Explaining how to certify PADI students online
  • How to Prepare a Teaching Presentation – Great video to show IDC candidates how to conduct IDC Knowledge Development Presentations
  • Evaluation Training Videos – Great tool for PADI Course Directors on how to evaluate IDC Candidates on their Knowledge Development, Confined and Open Water Presentations.

Most important, PADI Course Directors have access to IDC eLearning Videos. They can show these to the IDC Candidates to explain in detail how to organize and conduct their IDC Classroom, Confined and Open Water Presentations! This is a fantastic training tool!

PADI Digital Crewpack with eLearning – New Revised IDC Course

The main change in the New Revised IDC Course is the introduction of the PADI Digital Crewpacks with access to PADI’s Online eLearning. In this age, almost everyone has access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. Not only is it much easier to study for the IDC but it reduces paper and plastic waste that the previous IDC Crewpack produced.

There are now 2 Digital Crewpacks to choose from:

  • PADI IDC Staff and Course Director Instructor Development Materials
  • PADI Instructor Development Course Digital Crew Pack

The Instructor Development Materials contain a large number of training aids for PADI IDC Staff Instructors and PADI Course Directors:

  • Instructor Development Materials Reference Guide
  • Updated Course Director Manual
  • IDC Lesson Guides
  • Instructor Development Resources, IDC eLearning Videos
  • Evaluation Training Videos
  • Additional Videos
  • Online Processing Center Tutorial
  • IDC Staff Instructor Course Lesson Guides

The PADI Instructor Development Course Digital Crewpack is the updated crew pack for IDC Candidates and it contains:

  • IDC eLearning Presentations (Covering most important IDC Lessons)
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook eLearning – A fantastic tool to prepare for the IDC Dive Theory Exams!
  • PADI’s Guide to Teaching
  • IDC Resources – Digital versions of some slates and forms
  • Open Water Diver Course Prescriptive Lesson Guides – Fantastic training aid to teach PADI Open Water Diver courses
  • Exams – For all courses which a PADI OWSI is eligible to teach
  • Specialty Instructor Guides – That a PADI OWSI is eligible to teach
  • Online Processing Center Tutorial

Travelling and Preparing with the new PADI Digital Crewpack and eLearning

Can you please send me the PADI IDC materials and crew pack?

This the main question I get from IDC Candidates when they book their IDC course with me. Many candidates would love to start to study and prepare for their IDCs as soon as possible.

This was difficult to do with the old 2010 IDC Course version. The materials and crewpack were very heavy and not easy to send by post or package. Now, with PADI’s Digital IDC Crewpack you can grant access to your future IDC Candidates immediately. They can begin to prepare for their PADI IDC right away. This makes their and the PADI Course Director’s life so much easier!

The new digital pack allows the PADI Course Director to be able to check their IDC Candidates progress remotely. Here PADI Course Directors can remind candidates about important parts and even helping them before the start of the new revised PADI IDC Course.

The New Revised IDC Course becomes more Eco-Friendly;

The old IDC Crewpack from 2010 contained quite a lot of materials that were not always that eco-friendly. To dispose of these was always quite difficult to do. Therefore, it was very important to PADI to make the new revised IDC Course as eco-friendly as possible!

  • The first change is the introduction of emphasizing more on conservation during the IDC Presentations.
  • Second, to show environmental awareness at all times underwater, not just during the Open Water but also Confined Water.
  • Third, you can now access Project AWARE IDC Materials and Lesson Guides to add/integrate into your New Revised IDC Program.This is a welcoming step forward to the Course. It will inspire others, and in this case future, PADI Diving Instructors.
  • Fourth, almost all IDC materials have gone digital which not only reduces the use of paper but also, more importantly, reduces Plastic waste.

The IDC Digital Crew pack updates;

To date, the PADI Instructor Manual gets updated once a year. Fresh updates and changes come around every quarter in the PADI Undersea Journal Magazine. Some manuals, like the Guide to Teaching or the PADI Course Director manual stayed the same, with minor updates in the PADI Undersea Journal.

Now PADI is taking updates to another level. The new PADI IDC Crewpack and the new revised IDC Course are digital, both accessible through PADI’s IDC eLearning. These tools can now update and make small adjustments immediately when needed. Standard changes which are relevant will update and keep the information accurate. This is an incredible new feature that greatly improves the quality of the IDC program.

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