Stay Active at Home, Learn at Home!

Elearning; a fantastic option to learn at home.

Stuck inside but dreaming of being below the waves? Like us, I suspect you’re spending a great portion of your time at home? Think positive, there are still ways to get your marine environment fix! Stay connected to your dive centre, club or dive buddies keeping up the morale for everybody. Take a look at your training agency, at eLearning options and your local dive centre for inspiration and future planning.

Training Agencies:

In the equine world, we say up-coming horses ‘are made’ over the winter, off-season period. Although we cannot dive on land, we can use our self-isolating time to learn and improve our knowledge of diving and marine creatures.

An obvious place to begin is to take a look at your training agency. At present, many agencies offer eLearning at discounted prices, with a huge range of diving and beginner courses to choose from. Dry courses (no diving) such as Project Aware courses are also available. Now you have so much time on your hands at home, consider signing up for an eLearning course? Enjoy e-reading about scuba diving and use the interactive interface to complete the knowledge development sections. Complete your knowledge reviews, quizzes and even the final exam online, at home in your own time. There is a multitude of courses on offer at present, beginner diver courses are also available for non-divers.

Under normal circumstances, many of us would try to push through the eLearning programme after work, in the evening. Now you have time to concentrate on the subject, you will retain much more knowledge from the academics side of the course.

Not only do you retain much more knowledge it also fills in part of your day at home. The much imposed free time with films, Netflix and others tend to wear off very quickly. Add structure to your day at home, this will help your mental health and it offers interesting information about something you enjoy doing.

Invest in your future:

Finally, the time you take on eLearning is also an investment in your future diving. You will apply the knowledge, either to complete the course you started or you will become a better dive through this learnt knowledge. It will not go to waste.

Where do I find information to start?

Your training agency is the obvious place, also your dive centre where you choose to complete your course. Speak with your local dive centre or the centre of your choice about payment. Some centres are offering discounts through the PADI system, so check it out and start now.

Diving resources to explore:

If you are already a certified diver, keep up-to-date on what is going on in the scuba diver world. Look beyond your training agency for much more information about the world of diving-related knowledge. There are many instructional videos, information and skill development videos out there to take in. Often, you can use this knowledge to reflect on the way you dive and how you go about doing things. Read up on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of certain aspects of scuba diving. Read DAN reports on medical advice and diving incident reports. These offer an insight into specific medical and diving-related problems.

Webinars explaining diver training are available on the PADI website. Others are found easily on the internet and YouTube. Look into Instructor training and what is required to become an Instructor? Read online about updates and Emergency First Response updates. These will help you stay up-to-date with the newest guidelines of your certifying agency.

Exciting and inspirational listening and viewing:

The selection here is endless and YouTube offers a multitude of videos and video clips. Streaming of programmes such as Blue Planet can be rewarding and inspiring. Read up on conservation programmes on the Project Aware website or search for upcoming events to help safe the ocean.

I enjoy Underwater Photography and nothing beats listening or watching training videos to help me improve. It is not only the training videos that inspire but equipment maintenance and servicing videos are widely available too. 

There is such a broad diversity to choose from, plenty for everybody to share. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, we have a good excuse to indulge in our interests whilst we use social distancing measures. If you need to get it right in the water, watch, listen and learn now while you have the time…although it is only digital it still helps us to improve!

Stay safe everybody.