Single-Use Plastic on Gozo

Help Keep Gozo Clean and Protect our Ocean!

Welcome to Paradise!

We live on a paradise island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea called Gozo. Throughout the year thousands of tourists come and visit us in our paradise. Not all tourists are foreign tourists, we have a high percentage of Maltese tourists who come to the island for long weekends and summer breaks.

Change the way you act;

I would like to talk about something that hopefully will help change the way a lot of people act on holiday and long weekends. Each day we see happy tourist faces, all excited to spend their time in paradise and experience what the world under the waves has to offer. They wish to soak up the sun on clean, pristine beaches and enjoy Gozo’s beautiful surroundings. All tourists, whether foreign or Maltese love to swim and spend time on the beach and in our pristine waters. However, they are often the first people to comment about the garbage on the beach or that plastic straw or wet wipe floating in the water.

Look closer;

Take a closer look and often you see the very same people who, while enjoying their ice-cream or smoking a cigarette on the beach, will leave their cigarette butt behind, stuck in the sand. The plastic ice-cream cups/spoons are stacked together and will be left behind along with the accommodating napkin. And worse, they do not even think twice about their actions!

Why is this so?

Why would you buy an ice-cream in a PLASTIC cup? Is it not better to take it in a wafer cone and reduce the single plastic waste? People having fast food discard their plastic bags, wet wipes, babies nappies and the rest directly under the car as they drive away. What is the matter with people today? There are waste bins provided in the car park! I do believe it is something we call ‘laziness’ and the ‘don’t care less attitude’

If you want to come to a beautiful place, you are very welcome to do so, BUT please leave it the way you found it and take your rubbish home!

Do you really need single-use plastic?

A lot of waste does come from fishing boats, however, the most destructive rubbish we regularly see are plastic bags, straws and cigarette butts. Marine life will ingest this garbage as they mistake it for food and probably will die of the consequences. Do you need a bag for what you just bought? We have a mouth and lips so do you really need a straw, ever? If everyone could make a few little changes it would have a huge impact on our little island.

Be responsible and take your rubbish home. Or better still, think first before you take single-use plastics!

Dive Smart Gozo