When do You require a Re-Activate Course?

The diving season is upon us, holidays are now being booked.

Everyone is looking forward to the vacation, although some of us might be feeling unsure about diving.  Although you have a certification card, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to dive. If it has been a while since your last dive, you may benefit from a PADI ReActivate course refresher program. Here are seven signs that will indicate if you are in need of such a course;

You want to dive and your destination is finally planned.

Instead of going to your holiday destination and doing a catch-up on skills, why not go to your local dive centre? Hard earned holiday time is precious, so use it wisely.

You cannot locate your Certification Card?

If you can’t find it, that’s maybe an indication that too much time has passed since your last dive. Of course, your PADI dive centre will be able to confirm your certification level if your card cannot be found.

 You will be diving with your kids, and your last dive was a while ago?

We see this often at DiveSMART Gozo, we are dealing with “families that got certified together” We remind the parents, before entering the water that they are going to be responsible for another person, often their own kids. The question here is “do you feel up to the challenge” and is your skills up to scratch. If you are in doubt, or the answer is no, consider a ReActivate course.

Your last dive elapsed somewhere in the region of 6 to 12 months?

After arriving at your destination, your chosen dive centre will ask you “When is the last time you were in the water?” We, at DiveSMART Gozo often hear “it was on my last vacation, last summer”. As for the answer, some or most dive shops will suggest a ReActivate course if you haven’t been diving in six months, a year or longer.

Can your remember how to assemble your gear YOURSELF?

If this thought makes you nervous, or you’re struggling to remember how the gear fits together, you can always get the divemaster to assist you — if this is the case it might be time for a refresher course.

You can’t remember when your last dive was?

When was your last dive? If it’s 6 months ago up to a year, you will need a refresher. If you cannot remember your last dive, perhaps it was years ago, you may need more than just a refresher course.

As an Instructor, I always ask for the last dive. After that, I ask how many dives you have done in the last 5 years? Often you will see a period of 5 years with 10 dives, which indicates a stop/start mode. I offer a range of courses, “It’s always their choice, of course, but I would recommend taking a full course at that point.”

Maybe you are not sure about a Re-Activate course? Another option would be to take a private guide and dive an easy dive site, on a one to one basis.

If you think you fall into any of the above categories, maybe it is better to call and book that PADI ReActivate program.