What is a PADI Adventure Dive and the PADI Advanced Course?

After completing your PADI Open Water Course, what next?

You might think ok, that was great, now I’m a diver and can dive. After certification, you may not look immediately towards PADI Adventure dives or even the PADI Advanced course. As you progress, buoyancy will improve and things will become more comfortable and second nature skills will develop. Adding more dives in your logbook and becoming confident will certainly make you inquisitive and aware of many different things that you could discover and do underwater. Some of these activities may be out of your depth range, or you may feel unsure about doing certain dives, like night dives, but would love to ‘have a go. Here the Adventure dives from PADI come into play. 

PADI Adventure dives and Certification: 

Adventure dives are designed to provide you an insight into doing other diving activities, like deep diving, wreck diving, Ocean Reef Full Face Mask, underwater DPV (Scooter) or underwater photography – these are just a few of many options.  
You need to complete 3 dives to become a certified Adventure diver. Any 3 dives of your choice will steer you to this certification, as long as your dive centre can offer the dive that you choose. An Adventure dive consists of completing the knowledge review in the PADI Advanced manual and watching the appropriate video if available. After the knowledge review is completed, you will go participate in a single dive, which will relate to the adventure that you chose to do. The single dive does not instruct you everything about the topic of your choice, but provides an insight into what the PADI specialty course entails. For example, if I am keen on doing the Full-Face Mask course, I could participate in the adventure Full Face Mask dive. This conveys a very basic knowledge and discipline of diving with a Full-Face Mask, but does not teach me all that there is to know. I could take the Full-Face Mask Specialty Course, which consists of 1 confined water session and 2 open water dives. The Adventure dive that I completed will count as one of the open water divers.  

Advanced Open Water Course:

Here you are required to do 5 Adventure dives if you are not a certified Adventure diver. This merely means, you have 5 knowledge reviews and 5 open water dives to complete, to gain your PADI Advanced certification.

If you are a Certified Adventure Diver (Three Adventure dives completed) you require only 2 more Adventure dives to gain your Advanced Open Water certification. There are two mandatory modules in the Advanced Open Water Course, the Navigation dive and the Deep dive. It still leaves you with 3 dives of your choice, so you can explore the activities that interest you most. A suitable starting point is routinely the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive. The PPB dive ensures you are weighted correctly and helps to improve your comfort, conserve energy and use less air. Remember, all dive activities are based on excellent buoyancy regardless if it is a deep dive, photography or a scooter dive. In addition, it helps to maintain our fantastic underwater environment from becoming damaged.

Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive:

One of the two mandatory elements of the Advanced Open Water Course. This dive is designed to provide you a fundamental lesson in underwater navigation. Knowing which direction to swim at the dive site helps reduce stress. Stress reduction decreases air consumption and makes your dive more enjoyable. Acquire these vital skills here; it helps at various levels of diving.

Deep Dive Adventure Dive:

This is the second mandatory element of the Advance Open Water Course. Here you will learn about increased risk when diving deeper, air consumption at depth as well as Nitrogen Narcosis and decompression illness. The benefit of going deeper will introduce you to an unfamiliar world of shapes and fish. It opens doors to many creative activities which sometimes are not accessible as Open Water divers.

Take a look at the various Adventure dives here and choose what interests you most. Open doors to another underwater world and experience a multitude of adventure now!

Photo by Janet Bulmer @ Dive Smart Gozo

Divesite: The Blue Hole