New Resolutions When You Go Diving

Do something good for Body, Mind, Ocean and Earth

Let’s take a look at some New Years resolutions that we could implement for a good cause in 2019.

Correct Poor Buoyancy;

Good buoyancy helps protect our coral reefs and ocean inhabitants. It helps to reduce your air consumption and improve the length and quality of your dive. Excellent buoyancy protects your equipment from knocks and scratches underwater as well as any unnecessary contact to the reef. If you know your buoyancy is poor, enrol in our PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course and improve your skills underwater.


If you dive, snorkel or swim please remember, the ocean does not like your sun screen. Over 6,000 tons of sunscreen oil and 15,000 tons of sunscreen pollutants get washed into our oceans each year. This figure rises each year and contributes to high levels of damage to coral reefs and the ocean inhabitants. If you need to use sunscreen, please use a reef-safe type that is available on the market. It works just the same and has no impact on our oceans, eco-system and general wildlife.

Sustainable Drinking Bottles;

The body must be kept hydrated, and it’s a key factor to safe diving practice, but please NO plastic bottles. There are so many cool reusable bottles in all sizes that you can use and re-use. Micro-plastics are not only found in the ocean, they are already in the water you drink, fish you eat and in the human body. Help reduce the billions of tons of plastic waste that gets dumped into our oceans each year. A re-useable bottle is no different to carry than a plastic bottle – so if you don’t have one, get one!

Drinking Straws;

Millions of straws end up in our oceans every year. They are washed out to sea from beaches, thrown overboard by humans or discarded as garbage. Plastic straws are not degradable, they only break down into small plastic particles. Marine life such as sea birds, dolphins, turtles and many more marine creatures ingest these particles.

Dive Against Debris;

A great way to spend a day and turn your favourite dive site into a pristine area. Participate in a clean-up near you or take a net bag with you on your dive. Every piece that you collect helps and it stops that piece doing further harm to marine life and the wider eco-system. If you are interested in the Dive Against Debris campaign, join us on a clean-up dive or check out the Project AWARE site for more information.

Specialty Diver Courses;

Instead of the TV, Laptop or movie, why not improve you skills and knowledge? Take a PADI Specialty course with us and explore the underwater world, check out different techniques with a full-face mask or feel the thrill of an underwater scooter. There are so many things to choose from, so get up and take up the challenge now.

If you require more information on any PADI Specialty courses, check out our Specialty guide here.

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