Learn to Scuba Dive on Gozo!

Learn to Scuba Dive with Dive Smart Gozo.

On Gozo, at Dive Smart Gozo we offer all beginner scuba divers over 10 years of age a PADI Open Water Course. This is where it all starts if you have a burning desire to become a scuba diver!

The requirements to learn to dive and get your ‘PADI Open Water Scuba Diver is as follows:

What is PADI Certification?

First, you are required to master all three phases of the PADI Open Water course. Once you complete these phases you receive your PADI certification. The PADI certification card looks similar to a credit card, showing proof you completed the Open Water course. With this PADI certification card, you can dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 m. Let’s look and see what you need to achieve to gain your PADI Open Water course certification card. Our underwater world in Gozo offers clear, crystal blue water and interesting marine life.

The PADI Open Water Course requirements.

All participants for this course, you must be 10 years of age or older. Fill out the PADI medical form stating you are fit and healthy with no medical conditions. Under 18 years of age; you require a Parent or Guardians signature and consent to participate. During the course, you need to float for ten minutes and swim 200 meters. Once we meet all requirements the scuba diving fun can begin.

Knowledge Development Phase.

We offer you two options to complete the knowledge development section.

E-learning, this is done online at home before you arrive. This method saves your precious holiday time on Gozo, not sitting in the classroom.

A classroom option is available for those who prefer a face to face learning method.

The knowledge development phase is there to help understand the basic principles of scuba diving. You learn how pressure affects the human body and learn about pressure at depth. Become familiar with scuba diving equipment and learn about the safety aspects of diving. A sequence of video clips shows diving skills to help you understand what skills you are going to practice in the water. The knowledge development phase consists of five chapters out of the PADI Open Water manual, five knowledge review sections, four quizzes and a final exam. The classroom theory session is not done in one solid block. We combine theory with confined and open water work as well.

Confined Water Phase.

In the classroom option, this phase is combined with the knowledge development phase. The first of the five confined water sessions take place in water deep enough to stand. Once you gain confidence the water becomes a little deeper. In confined water, you learn to do the skills you watched on the video clips. Your PADI Instructor demonstrates the skill first, you repeat what you saw. In shallow water, you have time to gain confidence, find your balance and learn to use your fins underwater. This is an exciting time, it offers you the opportunity to watch fish at a close range in their underwater habitat.

Open Water Phase.

Here the diving really begins. Open water dives, combined with knowledge development and confined water sessions go hand in hand in the classroom option. With E-Learning, both the confined water and open water sessions are combined together. In open water, you put into practice what you learnt during the confined water sessions. The first two open water dives have a maximum depth of 12 meters. Open water dive three and four have a maximum depth of 18 meters. During the open water sessions, you learn different ascents, practice sharing air, and perform a safety stop at 5 meters. Open water dives allow you to watch fish at close quarters and enjoy Gozo’s beautiful underwater scenery. Mgarr ix-Xini, Xlendi Bay and Xwejni Bay are favourites around Gozo to learn to dive.

What now after the PADI Open Water course?

Now you are a certified PADI Open Water Diver you can dive anywhere in the world. Your original certification card from PADI arrives with the post to your home address. This process takes four to six weeks. It depends a little on the time of year and the number of certifications being processed.

Now, being a certified scuba diver dive as often as possible. As a result, increased diving will improve your skills and buoyancy. Completing the PADI Open Water course is a big achievement and it starts you down the pathway to scuba addiction!

Your next step on the PADI scuba diving ladder is completing your PADI Advanced Open Water diver course.

Come and dive with Dive Smart Gozo at the Blue Hole. This is a great place to start exploring Gozo’s dive sites. The Island of Gozo offers fantastic dive sites and a diverse marine life to all that wish to explore it.