The Maltese Islands are a well-known destination for active holidays and being a scuba diver paradise. With its crystal, clear warm waters, rugged cliffs and walk ways, along with an underwater topography that appeals to all levels of divers, it is a paradise for everyone.

Gozo, the second largest of the Maltese archipelago, is situated some 6km Northwest of Malta, 80km South of the nearest landfall in Sicily and 298km off the coast of Africa. It has a growing population of approximately 31,000 inhabitants, but is still a more rural and tranquil destination that its large sister Malta. The Island of Gozo is still firmly rooted in its own traditions and cultures and its natural character is still felt around the Island. Here the light will strike you as warm, giving the sea a deep blue colour. The beautiful sunsets on the cliffs, offering a rainbow of colours signifies that you have arrived somewhere very different and special.

Here on Gozo, you will be offered a taste of Mediterranean life with diverse restaurants, cafes and bars. You will find many different cuisines among the abundant selection, which include local foods as well as continental dishes. Most likely you will be spoilt for choice!
Gozo is rich in heritage, going back thousands of years, surviving invasions and attacks. Despite its history, Gozo has kept its charm, along with its friendly and relaxed atmosphere to this day.

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