Gozo: More than just Diving

The island of Gozo is situated in the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Compared to Malta, Gozo is more rural and it is known for its scenic hills, historic temples, and diving locations.

The clear blue Mediterranean Sea offers great diving experiences by exploring a variety of reefs, caves and wrecks. Gozo is one of the best diving locations in Europe. But Gozo is not only about diving, there is much more to discover. Experience other sports and learn the history, culture and cuisine of this island.

Taking a break from diving but still wanting to keep active, you can experience the following sports on the island:

– Rock climbing: The island limestone rock and the mild climate provide a natural adventure playground. One can discover many cliffs, caves and coves throughout Gozo.

– Biking: From off road tracks to long smooth roads anyone at any level can enjoy the unspoiled Gozitan countryside. Guided tours for cyclist are also available on the island which include historic information about this beautiful island.

– Walking: Peaceful country and hill walks, amazing cliff-top panoramic views, costal paths with extraordinary natural features and heritage trails are just some of the amazing walks available around the coastline of Gozo.

And during your ‘down time’, learn about the local Gozitan crafts such as hand -made pottery, stone-carving, mouth blown glass, filigree and jewellery, leather goods, lace and linen. These manufactured goods give a pure reflection of the island’s artisan culture and history.

Regarding food and drink, immerse yourself in the typical cuisine of Gozo, which reflects the succession of foreign rulers and cultures throughout centuries. Enjoy the mixture of flavours of the simple, local, healthy and nutritious Mediterranean diet such as the traditional sheep milk cheeses, thyme honey, mini pastries, freshly baked bread, olive oil, sundried tomatoes, and a variety of daily caught fish. All of this whilst enjoying the Mediterranean Sea view and the warm climate.

There are also distinctive Gozitan wines and craft beers to discover. The island’s strong sun and sea breezes together with fertile soil create wines that are characteristically full-bodied and fruity. Artisanal beers range from pale ale to dark stout in additional to some seasonal ones.

All of this and much more can be discovered on the island of Gozo.