What is a PADI Master Instructor?

A PADI Master Instructor is not only an elite scuba diver, but is also recognised as an elite diving educator who, over time, dedication and hard work, have proven to be leaders in the dive industry. The term ‘MASTER’ denotes someone of experience and ability who have spent hours on the subject matter. In the PADI system, it is a person who has taught many facets, maybe even all, and has trained many divers at all levels throughout the PADI system. Through your role-model conduct and teaching efforts you can earn the rating of PADI Master Instructor.

How do you earn this Elite PADI rating?

PADI IDC Staff Instructors who have been PADI Instructors for at least two years are on the right track to becoming a PADI Master Instructor. Other requirements to gain this rating include the following:

  • Issued 150 PADI certifications at various levels of training
  • Participated in three PADI Seminars
  • Used the complete PADI learning System of diver education, including all PADI training materials, when conducting PADI programs
  • Issued 10 Emergency First Response course certifications
  • Demonstrated support of the PADI organisation and have no verified Quality Management (QA’s) violations within the past 6 months.

This is a very rewarding goal to achieve, which takes you through the complete PADI system, making sure you have gained the knowledge, experience and expertise to teach and mentor all levels of scuba diving. You learn to use and utilise the complete PADI teaching materials and promote yourself as a role model to others. Not only does this rating ensure you have the knowledge and expertise to mentor and teach students, but it also demonstrates your support and dedication, in both aquatic education and conservation.

For more information on the PADI Master Instructor rating contact us at; info@divesmartgozo.com

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