Age + 18 YRS
Duration 1 DAY
Price €100

IDC preparation is crucial before going to your PADI Instructor Development Course. Not only will you feel comfortable if you prepare well, but it also makes the IDC much easier. Are you happy and understand all your PADI dive theory? Physics is often the weakest point, along with questions on the environment and equipment. The key to a successful PADI IDC is to be properly prepared!

Through our years of IDC experience, sadly many candidates arrive for the PADI Instructor Development Course ill-prepared. Without the correct preparation, you will need to work much harder during the course to keep pace. When you enrol in an IDC program, your knowledge and skills should be up to scratch. The IDC program is not designed to teach candidates how to solve questions in Physics, these you should already know. The IDC preparation course offers a review of dive theory, mock exams and in-water skills. We tailor the course to your needs and requests, so it is a personal course.

IDC Preparation Course

If it has been a while since your PADI Divemaster exams or, you are crossing over from another organisation, this course will be of benefit to you, as there is no time allocated on the Instructor Development Course (IDC) to revise the theory. First thing is to make sure you are 100% happy with and, understand all of your PADI dive theory, paying particular attention to Physics and Physiology. Later we will check your pool skills, paying attention to the demonstration quality, hover and neutral buoyancy exercises. We will take a look at the Rescue exercise too, making sure all aspects of this skill are covered, mouth to mouth, mouth to snorkel and mouth to pocket mask. Instructor-standard water skills will be expected on the IDC, so it is a good time to make use of this course.

This course can be completed one day before the start of the IDC.


Remember to bring your Logbook, Certification Cards, Medical, 4 Photos and make sure you are EFR Instructor or, do it with us now.

  • PADI Divemaster, or equivalent from another training organisation
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Must be enrolled in the IDC program at DiveSMART
  • A medical statement, signed by a physician within the last 12 months
  • You require 100 logged dives to attend the IE


One day

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What does this enable me to do?

Be fully prepared for the start of the Instructor Development Course and, feel at ease that you know you are up to speed with all elements of the Instructor Development Course sections.



How do I book?

Contact Us:

Things to tell your Course Director

  • Confirm your exact flight details with them
  • Confirm your address/hotel on the Island
  • Do you need airport pickup?
  • What PADI materials do you still require?

Where next? 

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) with the DiveSMART Gozo team, on the Island of Gozo

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