Age +12 YRS
Duration 1 DAY
Price €220

Missing something? Dropped something into the water? Claim your reward when you know how to succeed in finding objects underwater.

Who should take this course?

For more experienced divers who are interested in finding their, or other divers lost items underwater. Bringing up awkward or heavy objects to the surface requires a method and planning to succeed, which can be challenging and lots of fun. Compass work, dive planning, knots and lifting bags are part of the PADI Search and Recovery dive, which makes this course so effective.

What will you learn?

The first and most important step is to gather information, then carefully make a search plan. Learn how to;

  • Locate large and small objects underwater using a variety of search patterns
  • Use a lifting bag and learn different types of knots
  • Swim different search patterns using a compass and natural navigation points
  • Different recovery methods to lift things out of the water, including heavy or large objects
  • Plan a search operation and discuss search methods when in poor visibility

What scuba gear you will use?

  • Basic scuba diving equipment
  • Compass, computer or timing device
  • Underwater slate and pencil
  • Lift Bag and marker buoy

What learning material do you require?

PADI Search and Recovery Crew Pack (contains DVD and Manual)


  • Participants must be 12 years of age, or older
  • Minimum PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver with a PADI Underwater Navigator certification or equivalent from another training agency
  • Participants under the age of 18 years must have parent or guardian consent
  • Complete a diver medical questionnaire declaring you are in good physical health


One day

  • Knowledge development session
  • Two open water dives

Cost €220.00

  • Includes PADI Crew Pack and PADI Certification
  • Includes transport to and from the dive site
  • Includes Equipment

What is your next step?

Are you up for the challenge to search, recover and succeed?

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Check out the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, with five specialties you can join this highly-rated scuba diver level.

Remember, the first dive of this PADI Specialty Diver course may credit as an Adventure Dive toward your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification – ask your PADI Instructor about earning credit

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