Age + 12 YRS
Duration 2 HRS
Price €160

AWARE – Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty offers you an insight into what sharks are facing today. We are emptying the ocean of sharks and rays. Globally, nearly one-quarter of our shark and ray species are under threat with extinction. Are you willing to help give the fighting chance that sharks deserve? They may rule the ocean, but they are incredibly vulnerable species. Economies can be fuelled in many places around the globe through dive tourism. Some countries, like Palau, estimate over $18 million per annum, thanks to their living shark population. Both sharks and rays contribute to the health of our planet and the well being of mankind. Each year, at least 63 million and as many as 373 million sharks will be killed in worldwide commercial fisheries.

Who should take this course?

Scuba divers and all water sports communities should learn about the values of these apex predators and why they are crucial to our marine ecosystem. The rapid decline in the shark population, on a global scale, has become alarming and requires urgent protection. Sharks help balance the population of various ocean species they prey on, otherwise, these species would explode in numbers. The biggest problem sharks face is over-fishing, fining and a product of by-catch.  With populations, down by 80%, it is very difficult for numbers to increase as they grow slowly and produce few young.

If you are not a scuba diver but wish to learn more about the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty, you have an option to complete the knowledge only section of this course.

What will you learn?

During this course, we will discuss and teach awareness about:

  • Shark fining and the use of shark meat in fish & chips
  • Issues arising due to bycatch and marine debris
  • Provide information on the value of sharks to the marine environment
  • Show you how to identify hazards in the marine environment and on land that threaten sharks
  • Sharks and their conservation status and why they are vulnerable to impacts
  • Inspire you to become a shark conservation advocate to help protect these apex predators

Shark conservation in Malta, which is conducted through a non-profitable organisation, dedicated to research, education and raising greater awareness about these apex predators are doing a fantastic job. Check out SharkLab for more information.

What learning materials do you require?

  • Guide to Impacts on Sharks
  • Project AWARE Ten Ways A Diver Can Protect The Underwater Environment
  • AWARE Shark Conservation Study Guide

What scuba gear will you use?

  • Basic scuba diving equipment
  • Underwater slates and pencil for documentation


  • Participant must be 12 years old, or older
  • PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or equivalent from another training agency
  • Participants under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian consent
  • Complete a diver medical questionnaire declaring you are in good physical health (only for those seeking the Distinctive Specialty Rating)


Two Days

  • Knowledge development session
  • Two open water dives

Cost: €160.00

  • Includes learning material and PADI certification
  • Includes transport to and from the dive site
  • Includes Equipment

What is your next step?

Are you ready to make a difference and help protect this vulnerable apex predator? Help now by enrolling in this course at

Remember, the first dive of this AWARE Specialty Course may credit as an Adventure Dive towards gaining your Advanced Open Water Course Certification – ask your instructor about earning your credit!

Check out the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, with five specialities you can join this highly-rated scuba diver level.

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