Duration 1/2 DAY
Price €90

The Project AWARE Specialty course focuses and expands on the 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet. Project AWARE’s goal and philosophy are to increase awareness of the world’s most fragile and important ecosystem. The world’s water resources are vital to all and need prompt action to preserve them. Help make a difference for ocean protection every time you travel. Learn about human habits, both good and bad and how they intertwine with the well-being of our waters. Understand how the ocean is under threat and how you can make a difference.

The ocean does matter to us all, it generates half of the oxygen we breathe. Our oceans provide at least a sixth of the animal protein people eat.  The living oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the climate change impact. For humankind, the world’s oceans with their diversity and productivity are vital to our well-being.

Who should take this course?

Here you will learn about the current state of the world’s ecosystem and the most pressing problems that these fragile environments are facing. The project Aware Specialist course is interesting and very informative. It explains how you can make a difference and become an ambassador for the underwater world. Anyone who has an interest in the aquatic world, ecosystems and the underwater environment should take this course.

Join the force of scuba divers who care about protecting and helping the vulnerable aquatic world. The underwater environment is the home of all scuba divers and needs our protection.

What will you learn?

The Project AWARE Foundation (www.projectaware.org is a non-profit environmental organisation. Along with dedicated scuba divers, and the diving industry, they act as ambassadors to others, through offering education, action and advocacy. You too can become an ambassador on each dive!

During classroom discussions, you will learn:

  • How Project AWARE unites water enthusiasts and scuba divers to make a difference
  • The current state of the coral environment and its inhabitants
  • The important role of scuba divers in protecting aquatic environments
  • The sustainability and challenges of fish farming and fish industries.
  • The issues of ocean commons and coastal zone areas

What scuba gear you will use?

None, this course is classroom-based only

What learning materials do you require?

You can download, for free on http://www.projectaware.org the digital manual (AWARE – Our World, Our Water). Start reading now, before meeting up with your PADI Instructor.


For this course, there are no prerequisites, no age restrictions or water sessions.

You will need to download the free edition of ‘Our Water Our World‘ from Project Aware


Half a day

Cost €90.00

  • Includes PADI certification

What is your next step?

Become an ambassador for the ecosystem by enrolling now in this course at info@divesmartgozo.com

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