Duration 2 - 3 HRS
Price €90

The AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation Course helps you appreciate the complexity of these habitats. During this course, you will learn about the fragile state of our coral reefs around the globe. Understand the importance of its health and how the reef systems operate. Did you know that coral is an animal, a vegetable and a mineral? Due to global warming and ocean pollution, coral reefs are under threat as to never before. The 3 – 7 years (5 years on average) reoccurring coral bleaching, called El Niño is associated with droughts, floods, and other global disturbances. Being aware of this helps make us a better scuba diver.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who has an interest in the aquatic world and would like to learn more about the vital systems that we need to conserve. Very few people know what they are seeing when they go diving, swimming or snorkelling. Standing on coral can cause you harm and kill the coral underfoot. Coral reefs are very much alive and play a huge part in our natural world.

What will you learn?

The AWARE course teaches you about the vital role of our coral reefs in the marine environment. Through classroom discussions, you will learn about the problems coral reefs face, the current state of the world’s coral reefs and what we can do to help. Coral bleaching is a reoccurring problem to the fragile coral reefs around the globe. El Niño is a great threat to all coral reefs around the globe, so learn more here.

  • The function and complex nature of life on a reef
  • Why are coral reefs are in serious trouble?
  • Why are coral reefs so important?
  • What you can do to help prevent further decline?

Project AWARE unites us all in the interest of making a difference to our marine planet.

What learning material do you require?

AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation has information available in the digital manual called AWARE – Our World, Our Water. The digital program can be downloaded, free of charge at www.ProjectAWARE.org.

The manual is not required for the course but provides significant information about coral reefs and the ecosystems.


There are no age restrictions or in water sessions required for this course


Two – Three hours

Cost €90.00

  • Includes PADI certification

What is the next step?

Are you prepared to help protect our marine environment? Act now and enrol in this course at info@divesmartgozo.com

You can learn more about Project AWARE Conservation Projects by visiting ProjectAWARE.org

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