What should I Expect on a PADI IDC & IE?

An IDC/IE is the last step of your journey to becoming a fully-fledged PADI Instructor.

The Instructor Development Course (IDC)

The IDC is not a course where you turn up to revise and refresh your water skills or knowledge development. These sections should all be well revised and well-practiced. Rescue skills should be up to scratch and well-rehearsed, this is also a part of the IE, which results in a pass or fail.

Having Up-to-date Tools: To become a professional in any field, you must have the right tools to do the job you intend to do! A carpenter doesn’t go to work without tools for the job in hand, and a PADI good diving instructor should have tools at hand too.

What are the right Instructor tools? Up to date educational material, which allows you to teach the correct and latest information to your students. Use current exams and manuals for your students, this makes your life much easier, instead of playing catch up with outdated material.

Be Knowledgeable: You should have good knowledge at all levels of diver education, your water skills should be well practiced and your dive equipment must be in perfect working order.

Time Frame: The IDC runs over a time frame of 10 days, offering candidates plenty of time for revision and practice. You will learn how to become a positive asset and contributor to the PADI Dive Industry.  Learn and understand the Dive Industry and how it works for you. Learn about your role and your responsibilities in the teaching world as a PADI Instructor and your role in the environment which we all so enjoy!

If you are already a certified Dive-master and have a minimum of 100 logged dives, why not take the next step? Join the most sort after PADI Professionals around the globe and enjoy a very rewarding career.  It could well lead to a huge career change and a lifestyle that takes you around the world, doing what you love most…diving!

Our next IDC on Gozo begins on 27th February, the IE takes place on Malta. Registration will take place in the afternoon on the 26th Feb, 2018. Anyone wishing to join, feel free and contact info@divesmartgozo.com for an IDC information pack.

Photos by Janet Bulmer @ www.divesmartgozo.com