Diving can help release stress

How many times have you heard people complain about stress? In today’s world we are overloaded with worries, pressures and challenges.

Most of the time, we look forward to our holidays to try to unwind and reload our energies or find a hobby or sport that will help release some of the day to day stress. If you have not thought of it – diving could help you release some of the stress.

Some people dive only during their holidays, but many times they also try to find locations close to home to continue diving during the full year as it helps release some of the daily stress. Start out with the PADI Open Water certificate, which gives you the initial techniques and theory about diving and the possibility of enjoying the beautiful reefs of the sea and seeing amazing underwater life.

Continuing with your diving courses, once you have perfected your buoyancy and have calmed down your breathing rate, you will start clearing your mind from everything outside the water and start enjoying the moment by thinking only about your dive. It’s an escape from emails, phone calls, traffic jams and day to day problems.

Under water you will find peacefulness and tranquility, your mind, body and soul are concentrating on taking everything in from your surroundings. There are no sounds, you can only hear your deep and controlled breathing.

Once the dive ends, the tranquility continues. Many times, people remain quiet for a bit as they are still thinking and taking in the amazing sensation of the dive. Others share what they saw and exchange information on the different underwater species. This continues to show that all the worries and problems of day to day life are still not in the mind of the divers. For the duration of the dive and moments after, stress is eliminated.

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