MV Xlendi used to be an old ro-ro ferry crossing between the 2 islands. It was scuttled back in November 1999 to form an artificial reef for divers and marine life. Sadly, the wreck landed upside down on a sandy bottom at 42 metres

Location: Xatt l-Ahmar (South Side)
Dive Type: Shore Dive
Depth: 32-42 Metres

Due to the position of the MV Xlendi, the weight of the hull has now caused the upper decks to collapse, crushing them under its weight. The propellers, one at each end, are located at a depth of 32 m. Marine life is abundant, around and on the wreck structures, it is a dive for experienced divers only.
This wreck has been labelled as Hazardous; hence it is no longer safe to penetrate the wreck to explore.

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