A large, round rock formation at sea level which is continuously filled with sea water. The entry is reached via a mostly natural and very uneven walk, way over limestone rocks.

Location: Dwejra (West Side)
Dive Type: Shore Dive
Depth: 17-40 Metres

Blue Hole is 15 m deep.  Descending below 7 m allows you to exit through the big archway, enjoying the beautiful cup corals surrounding the arch, and the air trapped on the ceiling which gives the effect of a mirror. At the bottom of Blue Hole, you will encounter a large cave which is well worth a visit. Once inside the cave, it offers fantastic views, when looking back out the way you came in, as well as spotting a beautiful profile of a human face formation in rock. Outside the blue hole, turning left you will find a wall and boulders, keep an eye out for large groupers, barracuda, tuna, amberjacks, etc. During this dive, you’ll be able to go up/down the famous chimney. This dive is renowned for its marine life, amazing surrounding and light effect. 

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