A large tunnel which is linked to the open sea through an opening formed by a narrow natural arch. It has a length of approximately 80 m. with vertical cliff walls on both side. The Inland begins at a small lagoon, sometimes called Qawra in Maltese.

Location: Dwejra (West Side)
Dive Type: Shore Dive
Depth: 15-40Metres

We start this dive by entering the tunnel at 6 metres, which drops off immediately to 9 metres. Continuing along the tunnel, at half way the sea bed is at 15m, at the end the sea bed depth is around 25 metres. Here, the light effect is very eye-catching, while the indigo blue colour of the clear water is amazing.  After leaving the tunnel, either way you go, left or right, you will enjoy the beautiful walls and marine life is very diverse. To end the dive, you can return to the tunnel or, when taking the left wall, you can finish this dive in Blue Hole; air consumption is here the factor!

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