This shallow wreck lies on a sandy bottom at 14 m, the bow section still visible, the aft section was abandoned in deep water. Old superstructure offers a variety of marine life hideouts.

Location: Fort Saint Elmo (Malta)
Dive Type: Shore Dive
Depth: 12-15 Metres

The hull of the HMS Maori lies upright, the starboard side at 17 m, the port side at 13 m. The superstructure is well covered with numerous soft corals and abundant marine life. The wreck is well lit, through missing side panels and light penetrates through various hatches leading to her deck.
On 12 February 1941, lying at anchor at the entrance of Dockyard Creek in Malta, she was hit by a bomb and sank. She was refloated, stripped of all armaments (these were used to reinforce the walls of Valletta) and towed out to her final resting place, with the stern section towed into deeper water.

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