After descending into Ghasri Valley, dive along the beautifull inlet of water and you will locate Cathedral Cave on your right-hand side, along the wall face.

Location: G?asri Valley (North Side)
Dive Type: Shore Dive
Depth: 20 Metres

The narrow valley, where you can see both sides and enjoy beautiful coral, octopus and cuttlefish is around 12 m deep. After reaching the end of the valley, the entrance to Cathedral Cave is around 7 m in depth, on the right-hand wall face.  Proceed to the back, whilst enjoying the fantastic light effects, here you can surface in a dome shaped, rock cathedral. The ceiling is approximately 15 m high, with light seeping through a small crack, about 2 m above the surface. This dive site is best done in the afternoon as it is lit by direct sunlight- it is a spectacular place!

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