Which Attributes Do You Need to Work as a PADI Divemaster?

10 Attributes every Divemaster should have!

Possessing the right attributes to give your customers the best underwater experience is a must. Of course, knowledge, skills, training and in-water practise is required, but customer care is vital. Divemasters progressing towards PADI Instructor Development require the same attributes and maybe more! Which attributes do you need to work as a PADI Divemaster?

Let’s take a look at each one;

1. Be Detailed and Thorough.

Supervising the student and certified divers paperwork, repairing and spotting malfunctioning equipment. Knowing and checking PADI Standards, remember PADI Standards do change. Underwater, stay focused and observe what is happening around you. Spotting risks and quick reactions are needed just to mention a few of many tasks. Open Water students and diver safety are paramount, no cutting corners to save time!

2. Adaptable.

Be flexible and adapt to student needs. Some students may have physical impairments or learning difficulties. Some prefer a hands-on method, others prefer a visual aid approach. Get to know your students and divers, this helps you to inspire them to master the performance requirements ahead. As a Divemaster, you have to remember each diver is different; the skill is to figure out who you have in front of you?

3. Patience.

This is a virtue. If your students are struggling with skills, break it down into smaller segments. Don’t rush divers; this makes them more apprehensive. Repartition brings about mastery, remember we were all novice divers at one point in our diver career. What may seem easy to you (with experience) is a challenge to a beginner diver, this you should never forget!

4. Fun for ALL.

Diving is fun, that is why we all enjoy scuba diving on Gozo. You have the top European dive destination at your feet, so make it fun. Get your divers to relax and feel comfortable; no boot camp approach is necessary. Happy divers before, during and after the dive will be returning customers. Fun whilst diving makes divers happy but safety always comes first! Also, for yourself as a Divemaster, it is your workplace, but it should be fun too.

5. Calm Nature.

Your calm persona as a Divemaster reflects on your divers and students. Often students and divers are anxious when asked to do something new. Your ability to stay calm in trying situations when things are not going to plan is a great attribute to have. Nervousness can soon turn to panic, being calm helps students and divers calm down too.

6. Professional Role Model.

Being punctual in the diving industry is a must. All staff must be polite and presentable at all times, remember this also reflects on the dive centre. Have a polite manner to guests in conversation and approach, even if they do not extend this attribute towards you. Be proud of your PADI professional role and be a role model both under and above the water. Do not smoke in front of your guests or while conducting a dive briefing or debriefing. If you need to smoke, go away from your guests and all the dive equipment.

7. Respectful to Guests, Staff and Boat Crew alike.

You might bring a lot of your time following instructions from a fellow PADI Instructor. Follow the instructions to the best of your ability and stay attentive. When diving from a boat, treat the Boat Crew with due respect and thank them at the end of the dive. Guests at all times should be treated with respect, even when things are not going smoothly.

8. Positive Attitude.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, maybe the whale shark did not appear:-) Talk about the other things that you encountered on the dive and the diversity of marine life. Tell students who are struggling with a mask skill they did well. Repeat this at the end of the session, it encourages them to come back. Stay positive and think positive, this motivates divers and students to come back and do more. Do not sulk if your guests want to see something different than you suggest, remember you are living your dream but you there as a working capacity.

9. Hard work in the Dive Industry.

The dive industry is a place where hard work is carried out, no doubt about that. Days are long and intense, both mentally and physically demanding. A dive centre is not only about diving and is not run by one person, it is a team effort. Diving, filling tanks, staffing the shop, helping students and loading boats or trucks occur on a daily basis. This is all done as a team effort and everyone must be a team player. During the high season days off can be rare, or they get moved, so team support is critical for a good atmosphere within the dive centre.

10. PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC).

A Divemasters goal is to become a PADI Instructor one day. If you are itching to teach that course which you just assisted on, then maybe it is time to take your IDC. Staying up-to-date and assisting courses is the best way to achieve a good outcome in your IE. Divemasters who are not in active status and not working in the industry find that big step into the IDC a challenging one.

In 2020 the new IDC/IE will be upon us, so stay updated and prepared. Anyone wishing to complete their IDC/IE this year, we have one more IDC/IE date in Oct/November 2019 available. This IDC/IE is conducted in the old format. If you are interested please contact; Janet at info@divesmartgozo.com and request an info package and dates for the IDC and IE.

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