Amazing Experiences You Encounter when Learning to Scuba Dive.

Learn to scuba dive on Gozo.

Learning to scuba dive on Gozo is an amazing experience, something most of us never forget. It can be challenging and rewarding, at the same time it can leave you breathless and in awe. None the less, learning to dive on Gozo will bring a mixture of experiences and emotions. Your PADI Open Water Diver course with Dive Smart Gozo will be unique, exciting and fun. In the beginning, it is coupled with apprehension, anxiety and wonder. This mixture of feelings will soon dissolve into wonder and fascination.

Your first breath below the surface;

Breathing underwater is an experience like no other. When you can relax, your breathing becomes rhythmic and you will begin to take in your surroundings. There is no way to explain this experience, there is no other feeling in the world to compare it with. Listen to the serenity around you, sooner or later you will hear the sounds of the reef.

The feeling of ‘Mastery’ when it comes to buoyancy;

Learning to dive means mastering your buoyancy. This mean task can take you several dives to come to terms with. However, buoyancy is a requirement throughout all scuba diver levels, so we do spend extra time on this skill. Your buoyancy is what makes you weightless in the water and in due time lets you stay suspended in mid-water. With this in mind, outer space, I think might be the only place to stay suspended in a medium? Mastery of neutral buoyancy might be first experienced at the 5-metre safety stop on the open water course? Fine-tuning those buoyancy skills during the skill practice sessions is vital and offers you a safe and comfortable dive. As a master of buoyancy, you will love floating around weightless, exploring the underwater world in full control of your depth. Mastering buoyancy feels exhilarating and gives you a massive sense of achievement.

Finding and seeing that special marine creature;

Most of us have a special wish to see a certain creature underwater, whether it’s a whale shark, turtle, seahorse or manta ray. Although this may be true, sometimes we panic a little when something huge comes our way. Under these circumstances, keep cool and admire the beautiful colours, detail and textures. On Gozo, we have a variety of marine creatures to encounter. Seahorses, octopus, moray eels, diverse crabs and sometimes eagle rays. Study what is in front of you, it will be something you will not forget. See if you can spot the difference with your vision underwater?

Obstacles along the way;

For this reason, the PADI Open Water Diver course is built on a step by the step learning process. Throughout your studying, quizzes and final exam you begin to understand the safety aspect. The next important part is mastering skills and buoyancy. You start out with less complicated skills first, in shallow water deep enough to stand in. This method allows you to gain confidence before moving into deeper water. With this in mind by the time you are a PADI certified diver, you will be capable of overcoming most obstacles and difficulties that you experience at the beginning of the course.

A PADI certified Open Water Diver;

All things considered, you can dive anywhere in the world with your PADI certification. Spend time practising, honing your skills and diving. The more you practice you will experience an improvement in your buoyancy, air consumption and confidence. Given these points, move on and complete your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. Continuing education and practice is key to being a good scuba diver.

Enjoy your first breath underwater!

Dive Smart Gozo