Divers, who wish to dive independently, must have a minimum qualification of PADI AOW Diver, CMAS** Diver, BSAC Sports Diver or equivalent from another training agency required.

Unaccompanied divers will require jeep or car hire, which can be obtained through the dive centre, transport is a must to get to the dive sites.

Enquire Pre-requisites

DiveSMART recommends that at least one person in the group has previous knowledge and diving experience on Gozo, including Rescue and First Aid Skills, which are up to date.Having someone in the group of Dive Leader level would be a positive advantage. We will assist you with dive maps, risk assessment and emergency plans, along with weather conditions and dive site recommendations. These recommendations are for your own safety. Divers who have not yet reached the above levels of training, are required to diveaccompanied, with an Instructor at all times. Any Instructor who wishes to offer diving services to his or her clients, must use a diving facility that is licensed through the Malta Tourism Authority. Furthermore, the Instructor must present proof of certification, full diving medical and a 3rd party insurance. For groups, we also offer accommodation, airport transfer and vehicle hire. For more information see our Holiday Services page.

Unaccompanied Diving Price List Rental Equipment Price List